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AW Protected LiCo Cells (black)

AW protected cells have an UnderVolt and OverVolt cutoff built in. Will also detect and prevent a short circuit. Place on charger to reset the Protection circuit (PCB) the safest LiCo cells that exist. Also incorporates an anti explosion vent.


AW Protected LiCo Cells (black label) All LiCo cells have at least 33% more capacity than equivalent IMR cells. Do NOT discharge at more than double the stated mAh capacity. Do not Charge at more than the stated mAh capacity.

Size measurements :
P18650-22 - 18.30 x 67.60mm ( +/-0.05 )
P18500 ----- 18.45 x 51.33mm ( +/-0.05 )
P17670 ----- 17.02 x 67.30mm ( +/-0.05 )
P17500 ----- 17.00 x 51.33mm ( +/-0.05 )
P14500 ----- 14.33 x 51.33mm ( +/-0.05 )

***All protected cells have Anti-explosion Vent / PTC ( mechanical thermal protection ) in addition to the electronic PCB protection circuit with parts made in the USA and Japan..

Size Reference :
18650 = 168A / 600P
17670 = 168S / 600S
18500 = 150A / 300P
17500 = 150S / 300S
14500 = AA
16340 = CR123

Warranty : All batteries sold are covered by a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep the voltage of all LiIon batteries above 3.8V for healthy storage. Recharge as soon as possible when you have run them down. Storing a depleted ( less than 3.6V open voltage ) battery may damage/ shorten life/cycle permanently.

LiIon Battery Charge Status
4.2V 100%
4.1V 87%
4.0V 75%
3.9V 55%
3.8V 30%
3.5V 0%

Important Information for International Customers Only Regarding Batteries: We are sorry but due to new USPS regulations we are no longer shipping BATTERIES overseas via USPS, only UPS. Please, message for quote.

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AW AW Protected LiCo Cell R123A (750 mAh)

AW Protected LiCo Cell R123A (750 mAh)

The high quality AW ICR123 Li-ion 3.7 V, 750 mAh protected battery is ideal for many brands of flashlights on the market including Fenix, Xtar,...

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