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Flashlight Body Hosts

FM (FiveMega) bodies are CNC machined from high quality solid aluminum bar and aggresive knurling with 19mm bore to accept all 18500 and 18650 cells while outside diameter is same size as 9P.
All bodies are black hard anodized with 2 o'rings (one at each side) and ready to use.
These Are FiveMega bodies in every sense. Designed and built to his High quality specs. Utilizing the very same metal shop.
Proudly Made in the USA. These bodies are specifically made to house Stock SF and LF Lamps and FiveMegas custom FM-D26 Bi-Pin socket/Reflectors (found here), and this new G4 D26 SUNLIGHT for $urefire and to use AWs new protected cells. they will also use 17mm Rechargeable and disposable cells as well. There is now extra room for those big LED drop-ins. These are built to fit AW's New Protected button top cellsand based on reviews, have plenty of room to spare for off brand cells as well. (good luck)
This is the case for all 5 sizes.
Want to Run an LED in one of these hosts?
Look here

Single cell sizes are now available in round, or with SF style flats milled into the sides like previous FM bodies.

IMHO: If you want to use an FM D26 drop-in, do it in a FiveMega body, you wont need steel washers (needed on my LEEF body) or have any contact problems. There is plenty of room for long springs, button tops and protection circuits. No more crushed springs. Prices are low!

(Head, lamp assembly, tail cap and batteries are not included, but are available here.)

Advantage of 18mm cells are longer run time, less frequent recharge, less stress to cells, longer cell life and higher current capability compare to 17mm cells while you don't have to carry an oversized and heavy flashlight.

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FIVEMEGA FM 2x18500 (9P) round sided

FM 2x18500 (9P) round sided

Designed to Hold two 18500 cells. Will hold 3 AW IMR 18350, 16340. Perfect for an FM axial bulb. No Soft Start needed. Will hold three CR123 sized...


FIVEMEGA FM 2x18650 flat sided

FM 2x18650 flat sided



FIVEMEGA FM 3x18500 round sided

FM 3x18500 round sided

For 3 x 18500 AW Black LiCo or IMR. Run a 1909 bulb! Highly polished and has premium Anodizing. FMs finest Anodizing available. Double O rings at...


FIVEMEGA FM 1x18350 3P round (also known as 1x16340)

FM 1x18350 3P round (also known as 1x16340)

Round bodies only. Double O-ring on both ends. Semigloss finish. Hard Annodize III (HAIII)

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FIVEMEGA FM 1x18500 round

FM 1x18500 round

Round bodies only. Double O-ring on both ends. Semigloss finish. Hard Annodize III (HAIII)


FIVEMEGA FM 1x18650 (6P) round sided

FM 1x18650 (6P) round sided

Will hold two IMR AW 18350 (perfect for an FM1794 bulb, AW softstart recommended) or one single 18650 battery. Round bodies only. Double O-ring on...

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